Important announcement for anyone who registered before November 5, 2021.

UCI’s student center has gone through its second revamp. The revamps are always about finding platforms that are best for our students and our team. We know that some people do not like change, so we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. 

  • We have a new student center and an old student center.

  • You can access the old student center from the menu, but please do so after reading this announcement.

  • When you click “My Courses (Old)” you will need to log in again. If you want to go straight to the old student center, go to Please bookmark and save the link. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: When you log into the new student center, it will most likely say you are a newbie and will say you haven’t completed anything. This is because it’s a new platform and does not integrate with the old platform. You are fine!

  • All resources are now packed up into what is called “The Coaching Kit.” If you are still a member, you can access the updated Kit in the new student center. We will not update the resources in the old center.

Need help? Email: [email protected]
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