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Life Coach Training

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Life Coach Training Curriculum

Learn How to Coach
In this course, you will learn UCI’s GIIFTS Coaching Model that will get you and your clients results. Learn the basic skills of coaching, how to coach, and how to conduct a coaching session.
You Also Get 1-Year Complimentary Access To...

The Coaching Kit

New Coach Kit

  • Coaching Success Guide
  • Client Welcome Packet
  • 20 Steps to Setting Up Your Coaching Business on a Budget
  • How to Get Started Coaching
  • How to Increase Your Productivity
  • And more...

Business & Marketing Trainings

  • 60-Day Digital Marketing Plan
  • Design a Client Attracting Website
  • How to Get Clients
  • How to Create a Signature System
  • How to Use Your Story to Sell
  • How to Land High-End Clients
  • And more...

Done-For-You Programs

  • Discover Your Passion & Purpose Coaching Program
  • Project My Life Coaching Program
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety Coaching Program
  • Self-Esteem Coaching Program
  • And more...

Templates & Worksheets

  • Powerful Questions Worksheet
  • Goal and Action Plan Template
  • Client Preparation Worksheet
  • Coaching Feedback Worksheet
  • Coaching Session Agenda Form
  • Coaching Journal
  • Accountability Checklist
  • Group Coaching Package
  • Seminar/Webinar Package
  • And more...

Tools & Exercises

  • NLP Techniques for a Filling Life
  • Coaching Fears 
  • Handle Shame and Guilt
  • Discover Passion/Purpose
  • Coaching Feelings & Emotions
  • Coaching Clients Who are Stuck
  • Wealth Building Tools
  • Wheel of Life
  • Create Your Ideal Life
  • And more...

Client Welcome packet

  • Client Contract and Agreements
  • Intake Form
  • Background Questionnaire
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Payment and Finance Forms
  • Client Invoice
  • Payment Letters
  • And more...
Meet the instructor

Ayisha Amatullah

Ayisha is the founder and director of Universal Coach Institute. She is a Certified Coach Trainer (CCT), Life Coach (CLC), Transformational Coach (CTC) and Master Relationship Coach (MRC). She approaches coaching using Solution-Focused, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.
Ayisha Amatullah, Founder, Instructor
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Get access to Lesson 1 - Introduction to Coaching

Choose your training package

Option 1

Life Coach Training Essentials

Certificate of Completion

$147/paid in full 

Essentials is our most popular training option. It lacks for nothing when it comes to comprehensive, high quality training at a modest fee.

This option will lead to a professional Certificate of Completion and will qualify you as a coach and to start a coaching business.

  • 17 Life Coach Training Modules
  • Online & Self-Paced
  • 1-Year Complimentary Subscription to "The Coaching Kit"
  • Certificate of Completion  (Soft Copy)
Option  2

Life Coach Training Professional

Certification & ICF Hours

$147/paid in full 

Professional builds on the Essentials by including access to personal coaching and mentoring from UCI's certified mentors and trainers.

This option will lead to a professional Certification, ICF Hours, and ICF logo on your certificate and will qualify you as a coach and to start a coaching business.

  • 17 Life Coach Training Modules
  • Online & Self-Paced
  • 1-Year Complimentary Subscription to "The Coaching Kit"
  • Certificate of Completion (Soft Copy)
  • +
    The Coaching Club Membership

  • $47/paid in full (Cancel Membership at Anytime)

  • The Coaching Club Membership is a monthly coaching program where we meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month to practice coaching and receive feedback from a mentor coach.

  • Coaching Practice & Feedback Class Session every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 8:00pm-10:00pm ET
  • Verbal and Written Assessment  of your coaching competency based on your practice session.
  • 2 ICF Hours for every class session you attend
  • CERTIFICATION (Hard Copy) upon completion of 2 practice sessions as a coach aka 4 classes. (Only requires 2 months membership in cases where trainee shows up to every session each month.)

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Certificate of Completion and Certification?

Certificate of Completion: Acknowledgement of completion of the course.
Certification: Earned credential that demonstrates your specialized knowledge, skills, and experience.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, you must be able to navigate your computer and online platforms. This is an online learning school, therefore the entire program is online. You must be able to navigate our platform. 

How long is the coach training?

The video hours is 7-hours. The program is self-paced.  The program is designed to be completed within 8 weeks. However, some people complete the program sooner, and some people take longer. Everyone is different.

How do I access the training?

You will access the training in the student center.The training has video, audio, and notes.We do not mail books or videos.

How do I complete the program?

To complete the program, you must:
  1. Certificate of Completion - Complete and submit all assessments/quizzes.
  2. Certification - Complete all assessments/quizzes and attend 4 class sessions in The Coaching Membership program.

What's the timeline for completion?

You have unlimited access to the coach training course. 

When you join, you have a one-year complimentary membership to The Coaching Kit. This includes the Business & Marketing training, The Coach’s Success Path, Tools, Exercises, Library, Live Calls, and more.

After one year, you can renew The Coaching Kit for $197 a year.

What kind of computer or software do I need?

Nothing fancy!

You just need a computer with access to the web, of course.

You should be able to stream videos and download/upload materials like photos and documents.

What if I changed my mind? Can I get a refund?

This program is only for the most committed individuals.

This program is for you if you are passionately drawn to coaching, starting a coaching business, and assisting in changing lives.

If leaving the door open to quit is a strong concern for you, we invite you to take it as a sign that this program is not right for you.

When you sign up for the self-paced program, you are also getting access to our materials that you can download to your computer to keep.

Therefore, we do not offer refunds for the program.

If you choose the payment plan option, we will cancel your remaining payments.

Is this program approved by the ICF?

The ICF only accepts live or live-online training.

Therefore, the Essentials program is not approved by the ICF.

However, the Professional program that includes The Coaching Club Membership is approved by the ICF.

Do I need to have ICF credentials to become a coach?

No. The coaching industry is not regulated. There is no official certification or license for you to become a professional coach (life coach, business coach, etc.)  in the USA.

There are many educational programs like UCI that will award you with a certificate upon completion. This means that you have been trained as a coach and have successfully completed a training program. With training and certification, you will be more credible to clients as a coach.

The ICF is a voluntary organization that attempts to govern and regulate coaching. Although legally, they have no power to do this, within the coaching profession, they are viewed as the strongest of organizations.

Keep in mind that over 95% of clients will not have heard of the ICF and thus care more about certification titles and training then governing bodies.

Do clients check to see if I am ICF accredited?

Clients generally do not know who the ICF is and what they do. Clients are most often only concerned that you are trained and certified.

However, if you are seeking employment with large organizations, they often look for ICF accredited coaches when hiring.
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