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The Final Exam and Coach Training Foundation Assignments should be submitted together. Do not submit individually. We will not review your assignments unless we have received your final exam.

The total process time to receive your results is 2 to 3 weeks.
Submission Terms, Privacy, and Guidelines
You are submitting your exam and assignments through UCI's secured Gsuite and DropBox servers. Once we retain your exam and assignments it is then downloaded on to UCI's password protected computers and backed up on secured Microsoft OneDrive servers. We retain your exams and assignments for 7 years. We will not share your exams with anyone unless we have expressed permission to do so. Please review our full terms and privacy policy. By submitting your exam and assignments you agree to the terms and privacy policy.

Step 1 - Complete this form and submit your assignments link.
Step 2 - Upload your final exam. You can also use this link to upload any
other documents you need to upload for certification.

*Label your final exam  full name e.g. Full-Name-Exam